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Who We Are

Almassar charity organization for nomad’s development and Environmental conservation works with pastoral communities, displaced persons and refugees to provide a better life for sustainable development.

It established in 2000, registered in the Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC) in 2001.

The organization interested in resolving disputes and supports the concepts of peace and tolerance, responding to emergencies, as well as implementing programs and projects that help the targeted communities achieve major and long-term improvements in their lives.

Al Massar was founded by Secretary-General Osman Hussein Abu Baker in 2000, in response to the pastoral communities’ lack of essential services due to conflicts over natural resources. To spread the culture of peace. The beginning of Almassar in the establishment of the Umm Dukhan educational complex in the state of central Darfur. In that period, it was his duty to bring about his transfer in this sector through the education of nomadic children, where education was based on the one teacher who taught all subjects.

Hence the organization started the path until it became what it is now. Almassar started to implemented projects in different scopes included education, health, water and sanitation, environment, food security and peace building.


Al Massar promotes force that helps build a world in which the rights of the vulnerable are realized. We have the power to influence decision-makers. We do Together with our partners and we work to turn ideas into reality through the implementation of projects, making us a unique organization among civil society organizations operating in Sudan.

In all of its work, Almassar takes a service of pastoral communities (nomads), displaced persons and refugees .and who are represent the cornerstone of human progress.

The goal of this organization is to work with others to overcome the obstacles caused by poverty, disease, conflict, customs and traditions. We believe that together we can move forward on this humanitarian issue.

We are working on providing services that ensure the initiation of life for these communities, and the importance of education as the foundation stone we are providing awareness programs of the importance of education, especially girls’ education in addition to building schools, the construction of clubs for children, distribution of tools and equipment of school, providing school uniforms, provision of school meal, the training of members of the Parents councils in nomadic schools and the construction of literacy centers for travelers.

We provide health services through the provision of fixed and mobile health clinics as well as OTP centers in order to provide good food.

Almassar works to support these communities by building the capacity of fragile communities to adapt and recover from the effects of climate change projects and livelihood projects, as we are working on the construction of water stations, hand pumps and training to management in addition to organizing awareness on how to use and manage water campaigns.

We are working to involve everyone in conflict resolution and peace-building through the organization of campaigns to support culture of peace, human rights, peace and the importance for the overall development of the communities and the country, which helps to move the nomads and enlighten them developmental, political, economic and social rights and the importance of joining the official and popular existing institutions.

In order to be able to identify the real needs of the target communities, many basic surveys are carried out in the various states of Darfur, such as: baseline surveys of pastoralists, health survey, survey of war-affected nomads, water surveys, and nomadic education survey.

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Address: Head-quarter Office – Khartoum 3, Pio Yokwan Street – Sudan
Phone: +249 912854006

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