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What We Do


We believe that education is a right for all

The status of education in pastoral, stable and host communities (IDPs and refugees) is weak, with enrollment rates dropping to very low levels, especially among girls. Distance is one of the greatest problems facing nomadic education and needs to be developed. The children of nomads do not attend school because they are not available on their way. There are more than 1.8 million children aged between 6 and 13 years out of school in Sudan. The social norms and culture affect in girls education like: Early marriage of girls, parents depend on their girls to educate their brothers, bringing water and firewood, and other things.

Education is an important to solve these problems.  Almassar interested in education and works to create and support partnership that contribute to providing educational opportunities for these children so that they can change their future , In order to achieve the desired goal of joining all nomadic people and host communities, Al-Massar organization conducted  awareness campaigns on the importance and necessity of education.Almassar had constructed and rehabilitated more than 592 schools, 900 teachers’ offices and 76 children’s clubs. As well as distributed more than 214,150 educational tools and equipment’s, distributing more than 219,006 students ‘bags and providing students’ uniforms for more than 6900 students, representing more than 10,000 students. Providing school meals for more than 24nomadic schools and constructing 13 khalwa. In addition to organizing and training for more than 3030 teachers, training more than 2000 members of PTA in nomadic school. The establishment of centers for illiteracy and the provision of more than 600 scholarships to   nomadic students in the International School of African, Alhfad University, and albaian collage.


Food Security and Livelihoods:
Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime

Pastoral societies and stable host communities suffer from a lack of a steady source of income. They depend on agriculture and grazing and are affected by climate change. The changing climate makes these communities more vulnerable. Almassar works to empower these communities through small income-generating projects in partnership with Concern and in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Animal Resources and the Ministry of Health to implement a project aimed at vulnerable communities to the effects of change Climate change.

Almassar had trained more than 250 small-scale enterprising enterprises, 5000 women to produce and use improved stoves, 350 nomads to collect extinct seeds, to farm them and use them for food, to train 50 women nomads to the cheese industry, and to re-establish pastures by opening seed lines.

Almassar were organized workshops for more than 75 nomadic women to market milk, to aware 1500 nomads on the use of natural plants and food alternative to humans (specific areas, seed collection, open-path samples and more than 300 demarcations).


No discriminate and together to provide opportunities for all

Equality is the word that, when we hear it, calms us all. It means fair dealing without gender discrimination, male or female. Here, the issue is related to gender-based social and education, and to the lack of progress in the development of skills that increase their effectiveness. To fill this gap between women and men Almassar conducted workshops that to promote and enhance their effectiveness of their roles in the lives of their families and communities, as well as support for them through income-generating projects and others.

In partnership with concern, Almassar to support women through a project to build the capacity of vulnerable communities to adapt, recover from the effects of extreme climate change, focusing on women and children under five years of age, with more than 280,000 projects targeted.

As well as supporting them through drought in the production of domestic vegetables through the provision of vegetable seeds and training in sebdo , abu matarik trained them on dairy production for income-generating activities.


To choose your way you must be healthy

Our goal to improve health, where these pastoral communities suffer, despite having an unrivaled livestock wealth and the huge contribution to the economy of the country from certain health problems, especially women and children. To achieve this goal Almassar helped of this by providing health services such as the construction of health centers and training of medical staff and others. It has also been involved in awareness campaigns and awareness workshops on the importance of health and the provision of mobile clinic services to the rural areas.

Almassar had constructed 14 health centers, the provision of 4 mobile clinics, the maintenance of more than 3 health centers for nomadic, conducted trained of more than 100 medical staff to serve the nomadic community and 400 midwife to serve nomadic community.

It provided health insurance for nomadic and involved them to the strategic plan 2006 , also provided primary care and reproductive health programs to more than 20,000 nomadic women , mental health programs for 1000 children and women affected by wars, conducted health awareness for women.

A partnership established to develop health services with nomadic development council and Zain Company, support the production of radio programs to address health issues and health care for women, and train over 400 community service providers.


Healthy body from proper food

Health is directly related to food, healthy nutrition is the basis of good health, and because food is both a disease and cure, we must pay attention to the quality of the food we eat, because the health of the body depends on the basic food groups that enter it from the body’s acquisition through food. Nomadic and host communities suffer from malnutrition especially women and children, because of their lack of food culture, which caused a high mortality rate. The intervention of Al-Massar by providing therapeutic feeding, mothers support groups , immunized for children under five, awareness campaigns and awareness of nutritional importance.

Almassar concerned with the treatment for 3000 people from acute malnutrition in Darfur state , primary health care services provided to more than 8,800 pregnant and lactated women , vitamin A and folic acids for children under five years of age, CMAM training for staff and health cadres , and children’s and women’s checks in MUAC(routine examination) nomadic communities in particular in the state of north Darfur.

It also organized nutrition campaigns, sanitation and hygiene campaigns in North, South Darfur, in addition to providing mobile clinics services, vaccination campaigns for children under five years of age, studies and surveys in coordination with Tufts University and concern on feeding condition.

Peace & Advocacy

Peace is the basis of stability of nations and societies

Peace is not just an empty fleeting word; it is the basis of the stability of nations and societies. It is an important pillar on which people’s lives are based. There is no peace, there is no stable life, devolution in live opportunities in education, health even n life opportunities. Tribal diversity in the states of Darfur and environmental factor have played a major role in the outbreak of wars and conflicts since for ancient times, and the tribes have to defend their land when the pastoralists seek refuge in areas affected by drought and desertification.

Due to the war is the antithesis of peace, heartbreaking, and ignite sedition, and end the life of innocent people Almassar adopted the mission of peace-building through arising nomadic awareness by enhancing peace concept , tolerance and human rights by training more than 250 women ,men, young people on the gender concept and peaceful ,preparing ,producing and broadcasting radio programme, organizing prayer for peace for children ,and holding artistic ,cultural and sporting event and to organize campaign to support peaceful, human rights and important of peace for the comprehensive development.

to nominate nomads and aware them with developing rights , political ,economics and the importance of their involving in the institution so Almassar assisted in that through the registrations and facilitate census for the nomads process, for the first time nomads to be registrated (Demographic projections and herd tax), the inclusion of nomads within the targeted sectors of the Ministry of Health’s primary health care strategy, The voice of the nomads and their definition as a sector at the national and international level through participation in international conferences and forums (Ethiopia, Egypt, Nigeria, Geneva, Paris) and others, the formation of a joint peace between the African and Ethiopian issues, formatted peace committees in participation between Ethiopia and AlGadarif for nomadic issue ,initiative awareness for conflict in Amer mountain and assess the humanitarian situation of those affected.

In addition to the training of 30 trainers in Khartoum to train 600 local observers in 21 locations in the five states of Darfur.

The most important achievements of the board of directors are the Nomadic Development Board and a constitutional challenge to the President’s decision to dismantle the elephant forest reservation because it represents a nature reserve in addition to the Children’s Rights Award for the best initiative in the field of children’s rights.


No life without a healthy environment is basically for a better life

The environment is the group of things that surrounds us from living and non-living things affect us and are affected by us, and here point out the problem of pastoral societies do not separate of humans and animals in drinking water, the defecation phenomenon in the open which caused by environmental problems to be linked to land and water and other health which threatens of the survival individual. Therefore the survival related to the existence of a healthy environment and one of the most important elements of the environment. Almassar had constructed stations, tanks and water hand pumps in the nomads’ path, so it was formatting water committees and training whom responsible for men and women on the maintenance and to organize campaigns awareness on how to use water resources. As well as constructed latrines is one of the whole sanitation programs which were headed by community.

Almassar were established 10 water stations (Doanky) for water in the nomadic pathways, maintained and rehabilitated 10 water tanks, connected water network to Umm al-Qura in West Darfur State, established and maintained more than 167 hand water pumps, Vocational Training for Water Supply Workers, Training of Youth and Girls on Pump Management and Maintenance, constructed Over 5,000 latrines and to organize campaigns awareness on how to use and management water
We believe that together
we can move forward on
this humanitarian issue.

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