Aramba School

  This locality was established in the 70th of the last century. The overall objective was to serve the nomads who were completely out of services scope. The feeling of depression hit on the enlightened group and they began to seek ways and procedures to make education services accessible to those underserved people .The beginning was with the one teacher mobile school. The school is completely under the administration and supervision of the tribal leaders who provide accommodation, transportation and some goats to the teacher as an incentive.

However, the serious steps where witnessed when Almassar and UNICEF intervened by constructing a 4 class school, e.g particularly at the peak of Darfur crisis when the free movement of the nomads was hindered and made difficult.

In 2009 Aramba primary school had as a whole 67 pupils from both sex. Sending girls to school was a sin according to the cultural behavior and the social habits socially recognized

When the school was constructed the enrollment had risen in particular when another 4 classes store, and an office were added to the school .Again in 2011 the school feeding was supplied to the school. The motivation has risen and the enrollment increased to 389 pupils from both sexes .In the schooling year 2014 -2015 and 2015 -2016 the school scored number one in the final exam. The school area became an attractive area for the nomads to settle around .Further the nomads had celebrated the success of the pupils in a big ceremony where they invited the commissioner and the education administration in the locality .Two camels were slaughtered as an expression of their happiness and cheers.

I gave Aramba School as an example of the success.

Now the TPC and the community leaders are persuading the laymen to send their sons and girls to school. We feel that the coming few years will witness a severe competition between the Damars to score the high degrees in the schools and more attention will be paid to education since all the teaching environments are motivating and promoting to a good quality of education.

Almassar and UNICEF should feel proud of this positive community changing concept in girl’s education. 


Prepared by: Mr. Barsham Mohammed Barsham

AlMassar, Head of AlFasher Office