Khadijah Harrin Story

   Khadijah Harrin is a woman of 55 years of age. She has five children and an ailing husband who has another wife. Harrin moved from her village in 2006 following the incidents that took place in the peripheries of the town of Zalingei in 2006. She found that Tiba Camp is a safe haven for herself and her family.

Khadijah is ailing from a big number of illnesses most salient of which are nephritic diseases. Thanks to her neighbors and some do-gooders, she underwent an operation. Now Harrin is farmer but she sometimes can’t find the agriculture inputs pre-requisites. However, she is trying to sow a small area of land in hopes of feeding her almost starving children.

This year Almassar Charity Organization intervened and helped some families by giving them some   farming prerequisites. In order to improve their situation. For this successful family.

With the help of some national domestic administrations, beneficiaries were selected .However; Khadijah was not among the chosen ones as the number of the potential beneficiaries outnumbered the required prerequisite. It must be said that there were families who are worse off than Khadijah. It remains to say that Khadijah is a woman who  needs help so as to provide food for herself and her little ones. She is still appealing to the Humanitarian Organizations for support in order to be able to start a normal life.