Support education of out of school nomadic children in North Darfur

Project Name:

 Support education of out of school nomadic children in North Darfur

Funded by:



 12 month


 North Darfur (Alwah locality – Kabkabiya)


 Almassar organization collaboration with state ministry of education to implement out of school project in north Darfur ,project aims to Increase the enrolment and access of basic education by 1500 children in 20 nomadic schools and ALP by 1200 out of school children in 4 ALP centers in ND by the end of 2015 and Increase skills and knowledge of 30 nomadic teachers on child-centered and teaching in alternative learning programme (ALP), train 20 PTAs on participation in the school management and 30 leadership in importance of girl education, The project is expected to produce both immediate and long-term results.

 Almassar aims to achieve the objectives through three strategies:

Community development: 

The community mobilization awareness is high important to solve this problem. To achieve the above-mentioned results the project will organize awareness campaigns in target areas. The campaigns will focus on Raise awareness about the importance and value of education as an investment: to decrease the number of out-of-school children, and motivate families to send both their girls and boys to schools Identify and reduce the obstacles to achieve improved education condition.                                     

Capacity Building:

Teacher training will provide training for voluntary teachers who will work in the schools. They will be provided with general teaching skills as well as specialized knowledge on child protection. Trainings will be organized throughout the period of the project, giving incentives to participants by building a wider skill set and providing mentoring Also Formulation and training the Leaders and Parent Teacher Associations (PTA’s) because they play a critical role in mobilizing community resources and support for education and are therefore they are essential for long-term sustainability and monitoring of the quality of the education provided.