The natural resources management project in eastern Darfur

Since 2001, when Almassar Organization was created, it has paid a sincere attention to the environment and the issues related to it. This was a result to Almassars knowledge of the importance of the environment to the pastoralists livelihood, which that nomadic life of pastoralists is for searching of pasture and forage. From this aspect, the concern of the environment begins and branched to all other environment aspects.

Nowadays one of the most important events, is the conflicts and civil wars in West Sudan – Darfur. If we give a deep look to the roots of this problems, will find how the environment is considered as a major cause, as the natural resources based conflicts between farmers and pastoralists. Resources such as: forests, pasture land, agriculture, water, routes etc.

In the context of Almassars concern of solving the environment problems and peacemaking in Darfur state, currently it works on a big project called The natural resources management for sustainable livelihoods for three years, which is funded by the European Union and in partnership with United Nations Office for Projects Services (UNOPS), United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), ZOA organization, and Tear Fund Organization.

The inception phase for the project started in last September, by formulating a committee includes a representative from each organization. This phase was mainly aimed to choose the localities in which the project will take place, plus conducting a baseline survey for the purpose of the implementation of the activities. The project is targeting North Darfur state, and will take place in: Yassin, Adeila, Eldien, and Bahar alarab localities. Almassar will implement activities in both of Eldien and Bahar alarab.  This project is working for develop many sectors, i.e.: development and improvement of water resources, sustainable management of forest, increase Arabic gum revenue, raise the awareness of natural resource management, and develop the state level policies related to the natural resources.

The activities of this project are:

  1. The establishment and rehabilitation of water yards and hafirs.
  2. Seedlings to increase the forest and nurseries production, and provide extensions to the working committees.
  3. Increase the Arabic gum revenue by planting gum belt.
  4. Pasture management and routes demarcation.
  5. Formulation of committees and train them to the sustainable management of natural resources.
  6. Develop the Policies concerned to the natural resources management on the East Darfur state level.      

We hope that this project will contribute significantly to the resolution of the natural resources based conflicts and civil wars, and raise the awareness of the community in the management of natural resources for sustainable livelihoods.