One of the priorities of ALmassar to preserving the environment





Ahmed Bilal: One of the priorities of ALmassar  to preserving the environment

Report: Fatima Rabah

Ahmad Bilal Koukou,   Said Almassar charitable Organization for nomads development and Environmental conservation , said that those who deal with the programs, activities and goals of the organization are praised or Cubas focus is on direct service development activities such as health, education, water and agriculture and do not stand in the environment. He added that the attention of Almassar started with the environment and its issues and developments with the beginning of the idea where the path between the environment and the traveler is not separated so caring about the environment is linked at Almassar organization is fully attached to the traveler’s interest in knowing about the great and extreme environmental impact on the lifestyle of mobile travelers in search of the best Environments for their herds from the eternal stage of searching for water, pasture and pastures.
Ahmed said that the environment was the seed planted by his organization so that its planting would revive the tree of interest in all other traveler issues, linking it to the area of awareness the importance of preserving and rationalizing the environment and the preservation of the environment reduces conflicts and wars, especially as the roots and extent of security problems and complications Because of environmental problems and their effects as most inter-tribal conflicts occur as a result of disagreement between pastoralists, farmers and revolves around natural resources such as water resources, pastures, forests, farmland and pathways.
He noted that the course had made awareness of the importance of environmental conservation a solid foundation for projects to be presented alongside a parallel awareness-raising: The process of advocating for nomadic issues in general and the environment in particular, which has resulted in advocacy for the stability of many laws The decrees calling for the preservation and rationalization of the environment, to name but a few, were to champion the pasture and fodder law until the light was seen and to lodge a constitutional challenge in the process of converting the elephant forest to the airport
It was then introduced to introduce environmental-sensitive projects through other projects offered by the organization in a service garment to address the environment in order to achieve sustainable peace.