Alhorooq Channel: Bedouin delegation from Chad to visit Gedaref

The capital of Gedaref State, hosted a delegation of the Chadian Association for the awareness and Bedouin and nomads. The delegation stand on the experience of the Ministry of Education in Gedaref State, and the Amassar Organization in the education of nomads, hoping to be able to transfer the experience to Chad.

The Chadian delegation held a meeting with the Director General of the Ministry of Education Qadarif, the delegation briefed on the stages of nomadic education and the education of girls in the state.

official of the Ministry of Education clear that the number of classes for the education of Bedouin and nomads, arrived more than 120 class contributed destined to accommodate the children of nomads who are in the stage of schooling, and reduce significantly the loss of education among them.

Almassar Organization director in eastern Sudan Nur Osman, said that good coordination contributed in a positive way in to obtain their share of the nomadic education.

For his part, the Chadian delegation praised the experience and the level of interest by the Ministry of Education and the education of nomads.
The head of the association and awareness Bedouin nomads in Chad Ahmed Abuafatth said :they are studying the experience and transfer it to be  applied among nomads in their country.