Al Shorooq Channel: To find the car (Almasar)

Groups and civil leaders led popular challenging issue, leading the tribal leaders and sheikhs and mayors of Kabkabiya locality in North Darfur, to find the car related to Almassar charitable organization for the development of nomadic and protect the environment,  looted car found in one of the sandy areas in central Darfur.

The masked gunmen looted the car of the Organization during the past few days.

Al Nazer Abdel Bagi Abdel Rahman Abdel Bagi said a group of residents in Kabkabyia, led by leaders, Omads and youth, endowed voluntarily to find stolen car.

He added that efforts had been successful after strenuous efforts of search operations continued, which took five days on foot and vehicles laden with citizens tirelessly.

He said they found the hijacked vehicle in central Darfur near the Khor Ramla, thieves have left behind a mountain, pointing out that they cut across those distances tracing clues.

He stressed that the popular rally around the Almassar organization came in recognition of the great and significant role played by the organization of human services Kabkabiya region in North Darfur in all areas.
In turn, the Secretary-Generals (Almassar ) Osman Hussein Abu Bakr praised the popular efforts made by tribal and youth leaders.
It saw the capital of central Darfur town of Zalingei, during the last period Conference, The Governor of the state Alsharty Gaffar Abdelhakam Ahmed , that the conference enable civil administration men to support security and stability .