Alsahafa Newspaper: Nomadic knocking on the doors of Parliament in search of rights

Almassar organization has been active in organizing a thoughts day with the  Legislation and Justice Committee and the Human Rights in National Council along with the Ministry of Livestock and a range of relevant actors and stakeholders in the organizations headquarters located district of Nuzha Khartoum, and the step came as a kick-off for taking notice about the concerns of the problems of nomads and put an end to their suffering through legal foundations and human rights
The Commission has pledged to legislation, Justice and Human Rights of the National Council putting in place arrangements to address the issues and problems of nomads in Sudan and the development of legal frameworks to ensure that the human and political rights are effective to regulate and adjust their legislation.

The Chairman of the Committee,  Legislation, Justice and Human Rights of the National Assembly Mr. Alfadil Haj Sulaiman during thoughts session with the Almassar organization in the presence of a number of relevant committees of Parliament yesterday, called for the need to dealt with nomadic issues broadly and comprehensively through a round of legislative and governmental spectrum gathered in the state and stakeholders table to knock on the kinks and weaknesses to face the problems and resolve them down to the best and effective legislation to decide on the matter, noting that it aims to address and develop solutions to the issues of nomadic and give them their right to a decent life as stipulated by the Constitution and laws and international conventions, describing the move that she came upon the track to discuss the matter of good gesture to work long and sustained to address the issues of nomadic
But the representative of the Ministry of Livestock Ammar Sheikh Idriss complained of counting problems as an obstacle in front of the shepherds represented in the existence of 17 law specially for the sector have not been modified while refusing to Ministry of Justice new laws have been payment by He explained that many of the problems facing the pastures are tight Nomadic and book and pastoral areas allocated for agriculture, mining

At the same oriented path, the Organization official Osman Hussein explained to «Alsahafa» that the rights of nomadic remained digestible and marginalized in many of them so we are determined to knock on the doors of Parliament to take our legal rights like other people and warned the state institutions that remedy the issue which he said was very dangerous as it face herds forcing them to adopt violent methods and to engage in frictions and problems detrimental to the safety and security of citizens and the country as a result of such strictures on their wealth and pastoral exposure to loss due to lack of pasture area.

The President of the Commission nomadic Maj. Gen. Abdullah Ali Safi Alnour about the importance of organizing the different sectors in the community for the purpose of giving them their rights, so that they can actively participate in various fields of life, stressing that this initiative aims that undermine nomadic their acquired rights, noting that the shepherds have enormous economic wealth but neglected before the state institutions that do not take into account the simplest and during the grazing rights they are seeking by all means to improve the lives of nomads and upgrade them in aspects of health, educational, and other life.