Sumaya Lives Story

Sumaya lives under the care of her grandmother, she was two years old when her mother died, in a small village near ’Rashad’ called al Fareeq. She began her education in Trueba mixed Primary School. She lives a normal life and like any rural child she goes to school carrying along a little food prepared by her grandmother...

Khadijah Harrin Story

Khadijah Harrin is a woman of 55 years of age. She has five children and an ailing husband who has another wife. Harrin moved from her village in 2006 following the incidents that took place in the peripheries of the town of Zalingei in 2006. She found that Tiba Camp is a safe haven for herself and her family...

Fathiya Ishag Story

Fathiya Ishag is an IDP woman heading a household of 9 members in Kadangar IDPs camp in central Darfur –Sudan; she was select as a beneficiary to receive agriculture support supplies tools and training on crops production technologies from VSFG/UN-CHF project...

Aramba School Story

This locality was established in the 70th of the last century. The overall objective was to serve the nomads who were completely out of services scope. The feeling of depression hit on the enlightened group and they began to seek ways and procedures to make education services accessible to those underserved people...

Story of Um Thabat

Um Thabat Ali is one of the beneficiaries of homestead garden, supported by BRACED in South Darfur, Sudan, an activity implemented by CONCERN in partnership with Almassar, a National NGO. Before 10 years ago Um Thabat was of the pastoralists women who rove with their animals, and her household was dependent on livestock as the means of livelihood. Currently she is one of the settled pastoralists in Alsad alali, with hope to enable their children access education...

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