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Al – Massar Charity Organization for Nomad’s Development & Environment in collaboration with TGH and ministry of education we make a school club training in (kerink).

In kerink locality we meet with the manager of education and students activities and schools mangers and we select 14 students from each school for nine selected school from kerink locality.

We supposed to select just eight school but we added one school by recommendation of education in kerink locality.

The attendance was good from students and they teachers and they said the idea of the program was helpfully , and the school club is a better way to Trans the information to the community.

The tittle in the training was about the personal hygiene and food health and latrine use and drink clean water and jerkins clean and how to deal with trash and how to keep the water source clean.

The teachers and student said the training idea give them a new information about some points and they were glad about the idea.

 The student share them ideas and the deuces was amazing they really had a good time.

 The facilitators really send the information to the students in a better way and they said the student was very cleaver and they get the information.

The education office in kerink locality said the idea of the school club was very helpful and it help to transfer the information to all community in the locality.

West Darfur State,  

January 14, 2019

Al – Massar   collaboration with TGH and ministry of education we make a school club training in (purta, andrine, Terbaba,tarbiba, andreng, bruta)baida locality we meet with the manager of education and students activities and schools mangers and we select 14 students from each school for three  selected school from (andreng,tarbiba, bruta) in baida locality.

The attends was good from students and them teachers and they said the idea of the program was helpfully, and the school club is a better way to Trans the information to the community.

the tittles in the training was about the personal hygiene and food health and latrine use and drink clean water and jerkins clean and how to deal with trash and how to keep the water source clean .

The teachers and student said the training idea give them a new information about some points and they are glad about the idea.

 The students share them ideas and the deuces was amazing they really had a good time.

 The facilitators really send the information to the students in a better way and they said the student was very clever and they get the information.

The education office in baida locality said the idea of the school club was very helpful and it help to transfer the information to all community in the locality.

The teacher set table to the students in the school to give them school mate a lesson every morning.


West Darfur State,  

January 18, 2019


Under the ongoing project, Almassar collaboration with TGH is implementing hygiene promotion activities within baida locality at (andreng, bruta, tarbiba, beirsaliba) and bier Saliba we have to make a mass event.

And the hygiene promotion activities have delivered the good massages to the community with ALmassar staff and they talk about the hygiene and health of food and personal hygiene and latrine use and the water source. and the community excepts the idea and the attends was good.
The mass events give the community attention to hygiene and show them how to keep clean, and how to live in a clean place.
The hygiene promotion activities have awareness every week in the locality and there was really effective in the community.


Al-Massar Al-Mutairi Foundation for the Development and Development of Travelers participated in the annual breakfast ceremony for inmates of Zalingi prison in Central Darfur, with the support of the national organizations and the sponsorship of the Minister of Social Affairs and Information, organized by the Voluntary and Humanitarian Action Commission, Almighty: (And cooperate on righteousness and piety and do not cooperate in sin and aggression).

Al-Sahafaa Newspaper, January 13, 2018

Al-Massar Organization for the Development and Development of Travelers has opened an office in the White Nile State to inaugurate the work of the nomadic nomads in Cherif and the Governor of the White Nile Abdul Hamid Mousa Kasha from the National Sponsors of the Organization.

Othman Hussein Abu Baker, secretary-general of the track, said that the opening of the office in the White Nile State from among a number of the offices of the track in all the states of Sudan is important to achieve the goals sought by the organization since its establishment 17 years ago in working to respond humanitarian and effective to the travelers throughout the country besides Encouraging and facilitating practical solutions for the development of nomads in the basic needs of education, health and water, as well as empowering societies based on nature in providing the daily needs of food through the training of women and raising their capacity to cultivate and care for domestic fields. Food aid from dairy products and other things, which reduces aid dependency. He noted that the organization works to help pastoralists weather fluctuations and non-migration routes and has become a leader in supporting the return and reintegration of IDPs in Darfur to support durable solutions as well as Parts of South Kordofan

In addition, the Director of Al-Massar Office in Darling, Mr. Khalid Ahmed Hassan shimilaa, revealed this year’s plan in partnership with the International Aid Services Organization.

In addition to providing educational services in partnership with the Swedish Child Welfare Organization and the Ministry of Education, where 8 pumps will be installed and maintained in Dilling, Al-Quoz, Liri and Abogbehah in the establishment of 30 schools for 9410 children, 7 toilets and hand-washing facilities and 40 packages of school aids and alternative education centers. 40 packages of educational materials for schools, alternative learning centers, recreational materials for students and 150 members of parent councils and educational councils

shimilaa said that the activities of the track in the previous year were successfully carried out through the participation of the International Organization for Aid and Services in part, including an enlightening workshop on the education of persons with special needs for legislators, enlightening stakeholders from parents of disabled persons and the General Federation of Persons with Disabilities about responsibilities and tasks, Special Needs in strategic planning and how to implement projects. Recommendations have also been made in support of special education for adoption as local law and the maintenance of the twenty-five Dilling Al-Quoz pumps.

Al-Sahafaa newspaper, February 11, 2018

Mr. Osman Hussein Abu Baker, Secretary-General of the Al-Massar Organization for the Development and Development of the Travelers, to the late British Ambassador to Khartoum, Michael Aron, held a souvenir bearing the organization’s logo in honor of his contribution to the nomadic service of his government. Al-Hafiz congratulates his country on his mission to Yemen as ambassador to his country

Othman pointed to the great progress in the projects called David, which is awarded by the British government in partnership with Al-Massar Organization and Conner International and Tufts University of America under the supervision and cooperation of the Humanitarian Aid Commission and the relevant ministries. The project aims to build the capabilities of fragile communities of nomadic and settled people to adapt and adapt to the three-year climate change in three states is North, West and South Darfur

Othman said British Ambassador Michael in turn thanked the track for the commemorative gesture and also promised to attend an opening session of the Jamea administration project in support of peace in the country.


 Al-Sahafaa newspaper, February 13, 2018

Al-Massar Organization for the Development and Development of Travelers in the province of Dilling, South Kordofan State, visited a school of basic education and schools in Abuzid district. It also met with coordinators of girls’ education, nomadic education, pre-school education and special education coordinators to form a network to support the children of nomadic children. The problems facing them in order to raise them to the partners and contribute to solving them

Othman Hussein Abu Baker, Secretary General of the track, said that the network, which was founded, includes representatives of supporting families, parents’ councils and a representative of the Popular Committees to expand the network of supporters

The educational experts from the track also inspected a school in the town of Dalang to raise awareness of the students in the framework of the special education program on educational aspects and doses of disability, considering that the people of the category are able to meet the requirements of life vigorously and urged them to treat them without discrimination. She urged the importance of registering disabled children from the first grade in the school to ensure their rights He also talked about free education for all disabled students, where the school administration confirmed readiness to accept any disabled, and whatever the degree of disability.

It also provided support for the students to take the basic certificate exams for 12 different disabled persons by the Zakat Bureau. The concentration chapter was opened at Ain Al Kawthar School to raise their academic abilities so that they can enter the honor list in the local area and provide the psychological atmosphere in the examination rooms

Within the framework of social activity and community awareness, a meeting was held with a number of youth activists in the area of disability in the southern neighborhood of the city. They also volunteered to support students with disabilities in all needs


Al-Sahafaa newspaper, May 3, 2018

Al-Massar Organization for the Development of Travelers and Environmental Protection participated in the Regional Conference on Financing Education 2030 (Civil Society’s Role) at the Commodore Hotel in Beirut on 1-4 April 2008. The Secretary-General of the course, Osman Hussein Abu Baker, reviewed the work of the Organization in the field of education through a number of The topics in the humanitarian work magazines and the historical development movement that accompanied the education process in the country from early time by the Sheikhs of Al-Khalwa and the school of Professor Hassan Najilah in Badia Kababesh in 1932 where the experiment was the first destination of the mobile school with one teacher, N heavy presence of information Ahtutea Bjanbamq knowledge and professional excellence in which he excelled paper presenter, was his paper an unprecedented event.

Osman pointed out that the nomadic sector represents, according to the census in 2008, about 9.1% of the population of Sudan. Raise about 95% of the livestock and contribute 20% of the GDP for the same year.

They travel in vast areas of one-third of the country’s four regions and have contributions to the national economy. Othman referred to the idea of educating the sons of the principals in private schools and the opening of several schools, but the experiment was not documented and the National Conference of General Education in Sudan in 1990, made recommendations for the establishment of schools in the nomadic areas, studying the national curriculum for nomads.

In 2000, President Omar al-Bashir issued a decree to establish a nomadic education department in the Federal Ministry of Education to carry out planning, follow-up, evaluation and evaluation. The decision was followed by the establishment of departments for nomads in each state, .

Othman says the education situation in these communities is weak. School enrollment rates are very low, particularly among girls, and many nomadic children do not attend school for many reasons, including distance and difficulty in reaching the fall and inadequate availability of schools.

Othman considered that the experience of nomadic education in providing educational opportunities at the basic stage has succeeded in general to a considerable number of nomadic children. The number of schools reached 1413 schools, in which about 179,442 of them went out, 41% of them according to the statistics of the General Administration of Educational Planning. (2011 – 2016)

The Ministry of Education started the establishment of mobile schools in cooperation with UNICEF in the early 1990s, and the Ministry of Education began to establish mobile schools in cooperation with UNICEF in the early 1990s, providing nomadic children with a formal education system and a curriculum up to the fourth grade. He also referred to the regular schools, which are built with the support of organizations and donors. They are usually built in places where nomads gather in order to ensure that the largest number of students receive the educational process up to the eighth grade and provide an attractive environment for education. .

Othman said that the parental attitude restricted to the environment inhabited by nomads, where parents prefer not to send their children to schools and to refrain from paying tuition costs and instill in the children a culture of interest in livestock and grazing to increase production away from education, noting that the nomads help the families to bring water and fuelwood to the side The task of grazing and the reasons for the leakage of children from schools, including ignorance of the importance of education and the scarcity of drinking water and there are leaking in the last episode of basic education for the reasons of helping parents and the absence of secondary schools in villages nomadic communities and early marriage of girls.


Al-Sahafaa newspaper, 10 May 2018

Al-Massar Al-Mutairi for the development and development of nomads provided a project to improve food security and livelihoods for IDPs, returnees and host communities affected by the North Darfur State with a grant from Practical Action and a partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture of the State.

Where the project started from January last year and continues until the end of June this year

The Secretary-General of the course, Mr. Osman Hussein Abu Baker that the project targeted the number of 2500 displaced and returnees from communities affected by the province of North Darfur

The project also includes activities that include “5 kg of corn, 10 kg of peanut, 100 gram per family” for 2400 families of displaced persons, returnees and affected communities, and ownership of agricultural aids and tools for 1200 displaced families, returnees and affected communities as well as training 50 farmer families with agricultural extension and 100 families of displaced persons, returnees and host families affected by sheep to contribute to livelihoods, at 3 per family.


Al-Sahafaa newspaper, 15 May 2018


A delegation from the Natural Resources and Livelihoods Management Project in East Darfur has signed a field stop in the areas of Kedik, Al-Da’in, and Sabdou in the Bahr Al-Arab region to follow up on the project and to monitor the delivery phase of two water stations and the follow-up of women’s associations For the production of vegetables in the two areas within the project.

She said that the visit coincided with the arrival of a delegation from UNOPS to the region of Kedik to see what was done of the work and said that the visit found a good friend of the people of the region who automatically celebrated the station.

Al-Sahafaa newspaper, February 3, 2017

The Al-Massar Organization for the Development and Development of Travelers and Environmental Protection revealed in a recent medical report, which was conducted in Kabkabiya and Serif in North Darfur, in which it confirmed the spread of diseases such as eye infections, urinary tract infections, gastroenteritis, anemia, diarrhea and fungal skin diseases. .

The organization said that it has confined about 400 patients in the villages of Kabkabiya and Al-Serif in Al-Kawthar, Wadi Al-Sant, as well as in the restive area, Al-Ghabshah and Al-Bishari. “The people need health education, drinking water and training midwives,” the agency said.

The secretary-general of the route, Osman Hussein Abu Baker, said that the convoy of health and veterinary for the states of Darfur (5), which lasted about two months ended peacefully and successfully. He also thanked the foreign organizations and national partners who supported the convoy in support of its humanitarian purposes and said that the medical and technical team returned safely after spending long days helping a human being. Darfur.

The Secretary-General confirmed the security of Darfur and said that they traveled to the states of Darfur in the west, north, central, south and east of the country day and night and did not object to them. He added that the convoy was accompanied by the registration of births while hundreds of citizens received treatment especially those in need of dental operations. On the importance of establishing a law to regulate pasture and introduce national law.

Al-Sahafaa newspaper, February 7, 2017

Al-Massar charity organization for the development and development of nomads and environmental protection and Um Pader for Human Development and the Sudanese Society for the Heart of Children visited a medical convoy for the state of North Kordofan for more than one billion pounds, with the support of administrative sons or mother in the state. “The spread of heart disease (rheumatism and valve) among the children has become a concern for them, which needs to work exploratory study of its causes in coordination with partners,” said Mukhtar Mohammed al-Mustafa, secretary-general of Um Bader organization. With the two organizations of the path and the Association of Cardiology will carry out the exploration, especially that the medical cadres of the convoy will visit «24» village in the local «Sudri and Umm Bader and Jabra Sheikh» in a humanitarian gesture is the first of its kind combined efforts of the people of the state, especially in the Diaspora and provide support The convoy was estimated at more than one billion pounds, noting that the convoy includes (4) cardiologists for children and (6) in various specialties, including dental surgery, gynecology and internal medicine. It is expected that some 2000 people will benefit from the convoy, to increase.

Ahmed Bilal, head of the convoy and official of the organization said that the convoy comes as a result of the partnership between the three organizations and the Ministry of Health in North Kordofan and the University of North Kordofan under the auspices of the governor of the state and Maulana Ahmad Harun, and said that the convoy will conduct field surveys of the region and to identify the health conditions and address the state in coordination with the competent authorities, Bilal pointed out that his organization will contribute to the early detection camp for cardiac rheumatism and diagnostic health in the state, as well as moving three clinics equipped with labs, laboratory technicians and technicians in the training of environmental protection.

Mohammed Hassan Abu Shoura commended the good gesture initiated by the people of the state for the benefit of the region’s man, pointing out that the efforts between the sons of North Kordofan and the good at home and abroad have converged and united away from regionalism, racism and partisan in a remarkable unit. He said that humanitarian work is open and not limited to declared areas, all the people of the villages turn to the areas of the presence of the convoy until they are covered by the treatment and benefit from its medical services.

Al-Sahafaa newspaper, February 15, 2017

Al-Massar Organization for the Development of Travelers and Environmental Protection and the University of Dilling (Faculty of Education – Psychology) signed a memorandum of cooperation in the framework of the technical agreement signed between the track and the Ministry of Education in South Kordofan state in the field of people with special needs. Disabilities, special education and all subjects that concern the owners of special educational situations, as well as nomadic education and psychological foundations in the curriculum.

The track emphasized its commitment to contribute to capacity building in the technical fields and project implementation mechanisms for the target group in the state, as well as conducting joint surveys in the areas of special educational needs and related reasons. The course also aims to build a database in the field of education and help in establishing a department for nomadic education and research in the field of people Special cases.

Al – Sahafaa newspaper 21 March 2017

Al-Massar Charity Organization for the development and development of nomads has succeeded in the experience of the home gardens initiated by the nomads in some areas of Darfur, as well as the installation of a mill in the High Dam area especially for women in South Darfur State

Salva Ibrahim Babiker of Al-Massar Al-Masaral said that the track is concerned with the development of women and the development of skills, education and training on income-generating projects and the provision of livelihoods. 15 of the nomadic women in the region of Umm Sayala, South Darfur, where they received high training, noting that the vegetables planted are green vegetables, okra, okra, watercress, black, tomatoes, watermelon, the organization is in the process of setting up a market for the project for the benefit of women. Solafa said that the track replaced the traditional machines used in corn milling to the installation of a mill in the High Dam area

For his part, Ahmed Satti described a voluntary activist in the project track as representing a developmental work of great benefit and benefit, affecting the lives of the needy citizen, as well as strengthening and raising the level of income for families and improving them.

 Al – Sahafaa newspaper, 19 April 2017

Ahmed Bilal Coco, Executive Director of Al-Massar Organization for the Development and Development of Travelers and Environmental Protection, said that those who deal with the programs, activities and objectives of the organization are a praise or a focus on direct service development activities such as health, education, water and agriculture and do not stand in the environment. He added that the interest of the path started with the environment and its issues and developments with the beginning of the idea, where the path between the environment and the travelers is not separated so the interest in the environment was linked to the organization of the path is entirely related to the attention of travelers to know the impact of the environment and large on the lifestyle of nomadic mobile in search of the best environments for their flock from the stage of searching for Water, pastures and pastures.

Ahmed said that the environment is the seed planted by his organization to revive the tree planting interest in all other nomadic issues, linking it to the field of awareness of the importance of conservation and rationalization of the environment and the preservation of the environment limits the conflicts and wars, especially that the root and the spread of problems and complications of security because of environmental problems and their effects As most inter-tribal conflicts occur as a result of differences between pastoralists and farmers and revolve around natural resources such as water resources, pastures, forests, agricultural lands and pathways.

He pointed out that the track has made awareness of the importance of preserving the environment a solid ground on which the projects to be presented alongside the parallel is not less important than the awareness of the process of advocating the issues of nomads in general and the environment in particular, resulting in the advocacy of the stability of many laws and decrees calling for conservation On the environment and rationalization, to name a few, were advocating the law of pastures and fodder until he saw the light and submit a constitutional challenge in the process of converting the elephant forest to the airport

And then Delft to provide environmentally sensitive projects through other projects provided by the organization in Thobhodmi to address the environment and reach sustainable peace.

Al-Sahafaa newspaper, 24 May 2017

Al-Massar Charity Organization for the development and development of nomads and environmental protection distributed large quantities of food baskets for the holy month of Ramadan and implemented a number of developmental projects within its plan for the current year in its spread areas in all states of Sudan. The local charity, Adam Hamdan al-Bushra, said that the charity Al-Massar distributed a large amount of food aids during the month of Ramadan with a number of national organizations in the state, and that the citizens of the state live in security and peace and in grace during the holy month and considered that the national organizations in the state are based on the embodiment Values of solidarity and brotherhood among citizens, and thanked the Zakat Bureau in East Darfur for generous support to citizens and ownership of means of production, as well as distributing the bag of fasting. Al-Masar Charity Organization, based in Al-Nuzha, Khartoum, has been providing food aid during the month of Ramadan and humanitarian aids over the past years.

Al-Sahafaa newspaper, 8 June 2017


In partnership with the Organization of Life Makers for the third year in a row, the “Future Design” initiative was launched from 21-27 July in partnership with the Life Makers Organization and a number of partners. The campaign included exhibitions, lectures and direct meetings with students. To the extent that helps them in the process of selecting and determine the path that suits them and their abilities and hobbies…

Professor Mustafa Al-Sayyid, Director of Social Responsibility Department in Sudani, explained that the philosophy of “draw your future” is to enhance the decision-making process for the students in a given age. They provide knowledge support, especially high school students and successful Sudanese students who qualify for universities and their families. University, where the service is provided by volunteers of students, graduates and practitioners of different sciences in a way that contributes to change our reality to what we want, showing us that it is an intensive annual campaign of multiple activities.

Al-Sahafaa newspaper, July 28, 2016

Al-Massar Charity Organization for the Development of Travelers and Environmental Protection revealed several projects within its plan for the year 2016-2017 in six states including Darfur and Kordofan, funded by international organizations including Concern, UNICEF and Eco.

The Secretary-General of the track Osman Hussein Abu Baker (press) that work is continuing to implement projects in nomadic areas in the states through a package of activities aimed at achieving some of the goals of attention to nomadic people throughout the Sudan and animal wealth.

Hussein said South Kordofan witnessed the activities of the organization in raising the capacity of the community and rehabilitating friendly schools for the integration of children with disabilities in life, while 75 thousand head of cattle were vaccinated, 11 medical assistants were trained, sheep were distributed to 41 poor families, Livestock and natural resources in East Darfur as part of the project to support food security and livelihoods for displaced people and affected communities. 25 water pumps in West Darfur have been maintained and improved water services in war-affected communities in North, South and West Darfur through Mechanisms for training water committees and maintenance (25) water pumps and ( 8) Water recoil for schools and building (1200) toilet.

He added that they provided nutrition and treatment services for acute malnutrition of children under (5) years in North Darfur, providing livelihood services, water services and gender awareness by pasture, and the construction and maintenance of 164 toilets and education in environmental sanitation and hygiene campaigns in central Darfur, (7) pumps, (2) a health center and cleaning campaign in (10) villages and other health aspects in central Darfur with funding from international relief.


Al-Sahafaa newspaper, October 13, 2016

The Ministry of Animal Resources has indicated that it is facing the problem of a precise census of the country’s wealth as it affects the domestic product. There was an increase in the demand for red meat from abroad, but it was low compared to the increase in livestock exports, she said.

The Director of the Planning Department of the Ministry of Animal Resources Ammar Sheikh Idris revealed a census of the latest statistics of livestock in (2016), which showed the existence of (107) million heads in the country, but he said (there is controversy about the fact of the numbers and different around), pointing out that the livestock exceeds the statistical The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in Sharjah Municipality said that the problem faced by the ministry in the animal census process is due to the pastoralists, for reasons including fear of the “levies” And eye) indicating that His ministry conducts aerial survey by a company so as to know the size of the country’s livestock

Ammar said that the nomadic sector represents 95% of the total livestock production in the production of livestock and the production of red meat. He said that the livestock census (107) million heads is the largest in Africa and the seventh globally. The consumption of red meat is about (2.2) the sector contributes 20% of the agricultural output to GDP and 605% of the agricultural output, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics in 2015,

For her part, the Secretary General of the National Population Council Lamia Abdul Ghaffar stressed the government’s interest in all segments of society and focus on nomads, especially as it represents one of the areas in the integrated work and considered the workshop a start to discuss with the track and other national organizations on the development of practical frameworks more effective and efficient through planned plans

For his part, the Secretary-General of the course Osman Hussein Abu Baker (press) that the workshop is one of the extension of the long work of the Organization in the service of nomads and development, noting that the ways of the doors of the National Council for Population in this regard is no less important than the diligent search for the sector, noting that the workshop will be a brick For fruitful cooperation with the Council, which adopts the development of national plans in the process of sustainable development in the country, especially that the nomadic sector represents an important sector and vital in the economy and contribute to the movement of the labor market and foreign trade.


Al-Sahafaa newspaper, November 7, 2016

The Ministry of Animal Resources has confirmed that it is facing the problem of a precise census of the country’s wealth, as it affects the domestic product and announced an increase of

Request for red meat from abroad in exchange for the increase in livestock exports and revealed the Director of Planning Department, Ministry of Animal Wealth Ammar Sheikh Idris,

On the census of the latest statistics of livestock in (2016), which showed about (107) million heads in the country, but he returned

(There is controversy about the truth about the numbers and different around them), pointing out that the livestock exceeds the official statistics by more than (200) million heads, and returned Ammar in an enlightenment workshop

The National Population Council in cooperation with Al-Masar Organization for the Development of Travelers and Environmental Protection at Sharjah Hall yesterday, the absence of animal statistics to the shepherds.

Al-Sahafaa newspaper, November 7, 2016

Al-Massar Organization for the Development and Development of Travelers yesterday organized an integrated convoy (community, health, pastoral and advocacy) for the five states of Darfur starting with the states of South Darfur and East Darfur under the leadership of its Secretary-General Osman Hussein Abu Baker, accompanied by a number of medical staff and staff in coordination with the Humanitarian Aid Commission Livestock and some related bodies and specialists and a number of national partners who support the project …

Tahir Khatir Ishag, the official in charge of the march, told the press that the convoy of pastoral and pastoral health extends for 30 days and is integrated with the provision of services aimed at nomads in the five Darfur states, including public health, primary health care, maternal and child health, nutrition and oral and dental health. Eye services, veterinary services and the various extension procedures in this regard, explaining that the convoy will be accompanied by a field survey of the pastoral sectors in order to develop accurate and accurate data that will help the field workers to plan well in the provision of services for travelers.


Al-Sahafaa newspaper, 18 November 2016

A car carrying 6 people in the delegation of the charity Al-Massar Organization for the Development of Travelers and Protection of the Environment to the five states of Darfur, including the Director of the Department of Travelers Education in the Federal Ministry, was injured in a traffic accident in Al-Koma area, 80 km from Al-Fasher, To the hospital (Pulse of Life) in Al-Fasher for treatment. The director of the Department of nomadic education, along with the child science project manager of the track in Gadarif, survived the incident without any injuries, noting that the latter was a seventy-year-old man. He led the sudden coup from a high place on the asphalt to their mouth outside. Vehicle Bessel M amid distraught and defend the thick of the citizens in the neighboring region who attended Calfzaa men and women, children and elders to the rescue and lend a helping hand.

The overturned car was affiliated to Al-Shifa organization and was involved in convoy B on the side of the religious guidance and nomadic nomads in Darfur.

The Secretary-General of the route, Osman Hussein Abu Baker, is accompanied by 25 people from the convoy, which also includes doctors of public health, teeth and eyes.

Zain launched last Saturday a number of social support projects in the states of Darfur in the presence of Vice President of the Republic Mr. Hassabo Mohammed Abdul Rahman, Governor of South Darfur State, Adam Alfaki, Director of Nyala University Professor Ibrahim Sharif, Deputy Executive Director of Zain Ibrahim Ahmed Al Hassan, Zain Corporate Communications Manager Mr. Saleh Mohammed Ali and Zain Commercial Manager Mr. Khalid Jaafar.

The Executive Vice President of Zain presented a detailed explanation to His Excellency the Vice President of the Republic, informing him of the support of setting up the Zain Virtual Library donated by Zain to Nyala University and containing 60 computers with all its accessories in support of technical education and enrichment of knowledge in South Darfur state, The library serves 13,000 students and 400 professors. The company also distributed 10,500 school uniforms to the state students, in addition to 3500 students. The vice president also launched Zain’s support for Gulu Hospital in Jebel Marra with integrated medical equipment, Essential Saved Lives And 2 electricity generator to the hospital capacity of 60 MW. In the same context, Zain donated 3 mobile clinics equipped with integrated laboratories to provide diagnostic and therapeutic services for travelers in their communities, in addition to donating 8 solar units and 85 bags of midwives in cooperation with Al-Masar Charity Organization and the Nomadic Development Board. The role of “Zain” for its unlimited support for the development of education and community support for the country in general and the states of Darfur in particular. The Director of Nyala University Professor Ibrahim Sherif praised the efforts of “Zain” in support of the university, stressing that the virtual library will be a fountain of knowledge and a portal overlooking the latest Science.

In the same context, Zain sought to connect the remote areas to the network by establishing the first two communications towers in the state of Central Darfur in the northern Jebel Marra neighborhood to cover the population of the village of Vanga, which includes 20,000 people and the village of Rocoro, with 30,000 inhabitants. In previous years, Zain supported Darfur with a number of community projects by donating 27,500 to school uniforms and 3367 to students. It also celebrated the joy of the Eid in displaced persons camps in North Darfur, donated medical equipment to Nyala Hospital and 10 generators to computer labs in 10 secondary schools In the state.

Al-Sahafaa newspaper, 22 November 2016

Al-Massar Health convoy started to develop and develop nomads and protect the environment from the city of Nyala, the capital of South Darfur State, in conjunction with the visit of Vice President Hashaba Abdul Rahman. The convoy began to tour the five states of Darfur to provide health and veterinary assistance with the advocates of Al-Shifa organization. South of Nyala as the primary station for the cities. After the vice president addressed a mass crowd at Nyala University and then stood at the health professions development school which was supported by Zain in partnership with Al-Massar, The path of Adam Syed Yusuf Nyala and the crew of the convoy of health cadres squad trained on the questionnaires to conduct a field survey in Darfur.

While the Regional Director of Zain in Darfur, Tijani Abdul Karim said that the process of supporting the School of Health professions through fruitful cooperation and many aspects with the path comes from the reality of Zain’s message and responsibilities towards society in resolving many of the political and economic problems.

He said that the support is one of Zain’s broad contributions in the social field, expressing his pride in partnership with the track. He pointed out that the midwives are an important part of life, saying that they deserve support and support.

Um Bernie complex includes four villages

While hundreds of citizens rushed to Um Berni compound, which includes four villages, towards the treatment camp, which was in the village school. It lasted for three days, during which more than 300 people received treatment, while the tests conducted for the patients revealed the spread of the infection in the urine And more sensitive to children, and the people of Umm Bernie, the step taken by the path and described the initiative is good and rare and had not seen villages before.

Road to Um Sayala

In the same context, a convoy led by the secretary-general of the course headed by Mr. Osman Hussein Abu Bakr accompanied by the Director of the Department of Education nomadic Ministry of Education Federal and representatives of livestock and Development Council nomadic towards Umm Sayala of the Mersheng district where the delegation received a mass reception by citizens headed by the accredited Mohammed Ahmed and the pillars of war while The path is carried out by veterinarian vaccinations for animals outside the mother’s cell, provided that the animals are transferred to other areas under the supervision of the Ministry of Animal Wealth.

The official urged everyone to pay attention to the nomadic Bedouins in the region as a result of their urgent need for basic services and education in particular. The local authorities are witnessing the stability of the nomads following their recovery from the social shocks they were subjected to. Multi-purpose humanitarian path.

Al-Sahafaa newspaper, 25 November 2016

Or Bernie. It is a complex of four villages (Um Bernie, Fattana, Arja’a and Rourou) south of Nyala, the capital of South Darfur. For those who do not know, they hide shyly behind trees and long grasses; enjoy security and peace and enjoy the goodness of their land and their inhabitants. .. The situation is not very different from the situation of many villages that took care (the press) to roam in the five states of Darfur, accompanied by the charity Al-Massar for the development and development of nomads and run by a humanitarian convoy multi-faceted humanitarian weekend.

Teaching traditions and customs

Urges parents in the villages of Darfur and within the framework of religion and values to encourage children to learn the customs and traditions and legacies of grandparents and encourage them to preserve them … Riding horses. .. And beauty.. and the equestrian … Equestrian is among the original and many legacies that should be learned as a kind of responsibility and provide them with skills that qualify them self-reliance, in addition to respect for the guest and work on the dignity and hospitality and above all and that stand (Alkhalawi) high at the entrance of each village We meant it as a prominent and broad title that tells the greatness of the place and reflects the fact that Abu Baker is a grandfather in that Darfur is a beacon of science and the Koran.

The road to Um Bernie

On the morning of Sunday, the cars of the health convoy, accompanied by the press, went south after completing the necessary procedures. Nothing in those areas covered with vegetation and mountains makes you feel afraid or insecure because the movement is naturally on the side of the road. The schoolchildren ride the animals and cut the distances to the schools The farmers carry their sustenance from food and drink on the appearance of the caro towards agriculture, and the shepherds are near the road, looking for a better park. In contrast, the tall domes, the melon and melon farms are fruitful and there is no one to find fruit. We have also stopped thinking about the villagers who passed by and they were looking very excited at cars and the sounds of whistles that started from the aid of the health convoy so that a child entered a bout of crying when he saw the scene.

Bulbul swallows (Wali)

We are passing through a large valley, which shows young people from the area accompanying us. It is the Bulbul valley, which cuts through the vehicles and the animals. It is somewhat restricted in the autumn. It is filled with water, and the governor of Watsab is still in the valley. It is full and despite the advice given by the people and the advance knowledge of the seriousness of the step that is ahead of them while all the passengers survived, but the depth of the valley remained tightly and strongly on the structure of the bass.

Beyond Bulbul

After passing the valley about hours, the asphalt road was cut and the sun rose. Note that the darkness after sunset did not prevent the citizens from moving to Umm Birni, the village that hid the trees, valleys and long grass, its face features us, where we found the people of the village and its youth have been associated since the early morning to receive us. . They prepared a mini program after the reception outside the walls of the village school, where we stayed in the Holy Qur’an, as well as the poetry and then we left to take comfort and offer hospitality from drinks, sweets and fresh meat grills.

Homogenized with the taste of Nescafe

In the morning, I sat down to talk with a number of people in the area to get to know them more closely. During the two days, I spent three periods (morning, siesta and afternoon) in which we drank tea, coffee, coffee and milk. And its houses are built of straw and firewood and the words of Katati and there is no room to talk about electric lighting except from the dim light emitted from the traditional lamps burning from the gas or emitted from a small battery used for roaming at night among the houses in the middle of corn farms and some vegetables Okra, tomatoes, and peanuts Altbh Special Purpose and some predators.

Dish closed

The closed dish is a wooden bowl wrapped in a sandalwood decorated with shells for decoration, with porridge, marinade, yak or rub in dry meat, as well as cups filled with local ghee, honey, flour and biscuits. ..Magulha provided to guests of the village and in all social events.

The white weapon

“The men’s wear of the knife or the swords behind the arms and the shoulders is due to several decades that have existed since ancient times and have continued to be followed by the male class in order to guard against any enemy,” says Eve, a resident of the region. Or if someone was robbed by thieves or protected from predators as well as to kill snakes. Eve believes there is no need to take the white weapon inside the village because the devil shared and could play with the heads of the moment of a simple dispute between two of which could lead the opponents to commit a murder, she said.

No enmity for women

Eve goes on to recount some of the customs and traditions of the villagers, in addition to the process of honoring the guest in that the region’s top children teach children not to enmity with women for any reason whatever their degree and feel comfortable for that habit, but is not happy not to leave harmful habits followed in the region eg female circumcision is still Following what is growing to hear that the peoples of the world began to get rid of the phenomenon

Costume colors and youth

Before Morocco, the youth of the village gather to play football and it seems to be the only activity practiced by young people and God bless him by saving two pounds a day. He watches a club that has nothing but a TV to watch the Zai Alwani channel and continues to watch until midnight. ) Some describe the person who goes to watch television in the past and without work, although Fadil believes that watching the series and in their non-diversity contributes to the awareness of the community and their understanding of some things. Fadil says that children play the Lido game, where the weeds are blocked in the yards of the houses and roads of the children’s movement in play, and always deprives them of their favorite game of sex. The children are assigned the task of grazing during school holidays. Khallawi or before joining the school where there are no kindergartens and for young women to bring water from the fossils, which are an hour and a half from the village back and they are riding the animals either sitting on it empty or down when the donkey loaded with water and spend most of the time in the provision of water Lassi And that the family is sufficient on average an amount of 12 packets of water per day. Hassan points out that the drinking water wells are polluted as the only resource for drinking the human and the animal together and leaving the two waste in the water hole. Hassan adds that one of the officials does not mention his name. Karajakah) to provide clean drinking water in the middle of the village during the election period, but the man did not reappear in the region again after the end of the elections, pointing out that the crumbs were broken and no one knows reform, and called for the training of youth cadres of the village on how to fix such failures.


“The education is acceptable to all the people of the village and there is no objection to the enrollment of their children in the communities for the sake of science, even if in China, pointing out that the number of girls in the school of Umm Bernie, which includes (400) students outnumber boys, indicating that there is a severe shortage in the Teachers, bankruptcy and a gap in the book. He said that the 400 students share 20 books in the absence of some of them while the management of the school purchased books not available from the market and ownership of teachers to do the duty of teaching and added that the school lacks student activity under the talents of some students, especially representation and added that students drink drums and run the needs of the school Of the popular effort and here cut off his speech when overlapping voices of parents who reject the decisions of the Minister of Education to impose an additional fee of 20 pounds per student and includes decision orphans, poor and destitute students. In response to questions from the press about how to deal with the issue of orphans, Mayser continued to say that it is a matter of concern to all of us. There are students who walk 12 kilometers or so to get to school on time, including those whose family cannot provide breakfast there are those who have more than one schoolboy and suffer from paying the surprise fees imposed by the Minister of Education, they said.

According to the press, the primary school of Lam Bernie was founded in 1989 and has been paid to many generations under difficult conditions and exceptional circumstances.

Continuing concern.

There is a concern among the people in Umm Barni, when the harvest time is solved, where the hostility between farmers and herders becomes more acute, and the problems that reach the level of killing are increasing. The problem is still difficult to resolve. The village’s Tayeb Fadil points to the appearance of an agricultural pest, Head in the ground where the corn is the most dangerous of locusts, as well as the emergence of strange diseases also kills animals from cows and sheep and sheep, such as the emergence of Abu Duran and fever, and the disease and mother of Paul and Obdmya bitter father kills animals and fast infection. He pointed out that the last year witnessed the death of more than one hundred thousand head because of the diseases that hit the cattle and pointed to the bird bird that destroyed the economy of the village for three consecutive years.

All the villagers agree with Al-Hadi as he goes along with the endless suffering of human diseases and the lack of qualified health centers. In this regard, she says that some pregnant women suffer from reproductive health and that a number of women die on the road because of obstetrics, the hospital, which is many hours away or because of the tightness of the hand, in renting a transport vehicle to the city where this requires large sums of money. She said the last pregnant woman died on the road a month ago and the doctor told them after they arrived at the hospital with her death with her twin children. It says that the village has one midwife and is about an hour and a half away. It is too old and worn by the long journey during rain or winter. It is required at any time even in the late hours of the night. The recent offer by Zain, the giant communications giant, to support the Nyala School of Health Professions in a number of bags as it grew to their knowledge, said that the women of the Omni complex should be affected by Zain’s social contributions to the community. Same y Eve rate the value of the journey to a person aider to receive treatment in Nyala, up to more than a thousand pounds.

Treatment with fire

One of the men treats the patients who visit his home for healing with herbal recipes, including the loan, while some are crying with fire. He said that a man like Kahla gave him the pain of the tooth so much and to put an end to his suffering, he took an iron machine and then put it on the fire until it became red and then took it and placed it on the pain that the licorice ate from the middle of the molasses thought to get rid of the acute pain but he was very tired, forcing his family To his transfer to the capital Khartoum. Fadil says that most of the parents are worried about the lack of a dentist, most of whom resort to stuffing areas of pain with anything such as putty, salt or loan and other fillings to ease the pain.

Good services

Al-Ahli commended Al-Massar’s initiative in identifying the status of the village, providing medical services, treatment of motherhood, childhood, eyes and oral health, conducting a field survey of the needs of the region and raising awareness about the importance of sanitation, pointing out that it is the first national organization to set foot in the village.

Entry and exit

As we were leaving the village, our situation changed, unlike what we had entered. The reception was a big smile, but it turned into a state of sadness and emotion on the faces of the people of the region. We were left with the urgent requests to stay with them.

.. We left the people of the village of Umm Bernie and they run their faces for fear of the farewell looks difficult and in their eyes tear tears and on their throats cry cry while some of them stood waving both hands and whenever the cars moved away from the convoy slowly and words of thanks and loyalty to everyone who visited them, Take a step on foot.

Al-Sahafaa newspaper, 27 November 2016

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