The nomadic nutrition depends on the natural products basically dairy product, meat and some cereals and beans. In the past we find that the nomadic nutrition was very good but now according to conflict in most of Darfur reason, East Sudan and Kordofan the nutrition status of nomadic people was deteriorated.


Humanitarian crisis in Darfur has deepened, affecting at present more than 6.6 million people. Among them, 3.1 million are internally displaced; 0.7 million are refugees and asylum seekers, and returnees; 200,000 South Sudanese refugees, 1.2 million children under five are acutely malnourished; and 1.6 million people are food insecure.


Sudan (MICS, 2014) survey shows the GAM (global acute malnutrition) prevalence remained almost unchanged; 16, 4% in 2010 and 16.3% 2014. Stunting continues to show an upward trend from 32% in 2010 to 38% in 2014. The S3M survey (2013) in Sudan, indicates acute malnutrition prevalence rate above emergency threshold (15%) in 62 out of 184 total Sudan localities. This situation requires an emergency response, as in this context, child malnutrition is one of major causes of child mortality. Over half a million children are severely acutely malnourished in any given years, and over two million children are acutely malnourished (all types) On the other hand, the capacity to treat the severe and moderate acute malnutrition remains relatively low, and focused only in the states with complex emergencies.


Almassar main nutrition objective is to increase access of treatment of malnutrion for nomadic communities in different part of Sudan .Almassar coordinate with the state ministry of health and UNICEF in implementing activities.

Since 2013 Almassar provided the following regarding nutrition:

o   Treatment of 3000 severely acute malnutrition in North Darfur.

o   Providing IYCF services to around 4800 pregnant and lactating women.

o   Providing routine Vit A for U5 children and folic acid for PLW.

o   CMAM training for staff and heath cadre.

o   Routine MUAC screening to children and women in the nomadic communities in North Darfur.

o   Providing nutrition awareness and cleaning and sanitation campaigns in North, South and West Darfur.

o   Providing nutrition mobile clinic services to remote nomadic areas.

o   Almassar conducted with coordination with Tufts University and Concern worldwide studies and baseline addressing nutrition.

Conducting vaccination campaigns to U5 children in Nomadic villages.