Almassar Branch Offices

  • Head Office: Khartoum.
  • El-Fashir and Kabkabiya, Northern Darfur state.
  • Nyala, Southern Darfur state.
  • AlDhein, Eastern Darfur State.
  • Geniena, Western Darfur state.
  • Zalengi, Central Darfur State.
  • El-Dalang, Southern Kordofan state.
  • AlGadarif, Estern Sudan.
  • Blue Nile State.


The contents of the offices:
The main office and the offices of the three sectors comprising 75 full-time employees and 250 employee time Part volunteers depending on the rules and regulations of human resources organization shown in the table below. As for the branch offices are kept temporarily by the competent member of the Development Association appointed place and all five offices have a director works permanently with the relevant offices. Was all offices with all necessary equipment and accessories processing, are communications between offices via a phone line linking all offices, as well as the piece is to provide each office with a computer and at least one of the tasks Office also are provided with each of the track offices two cars be at the disposal of the office to enable staff to visit the targeted areas and to monitor the progress of projects.