Who We Are?

Al Massar is a Sudanese based non-governmental organization (NGO) established on the 12 December 2001.  The organization has been officially registered with  the  Humanitarian  Aid  Commission (HAC)  in accordance with  the  current rules  & regulations  applied  to  NGOs.  Al Massar is the first Sudanese NGO to work sole on the special needs of Nomadic people.

Our Vision:

To engage in the real life of the Nomads and Pastoralists of Sudan, to foresee and draw out what should consequently provide a better life through achieving Sustainable Development.

Our Mission:

  • Recognize the important roles of Nomads and Pastoralists in Sustainable Development.
  • Increase the actual participation of Nomad pastoralists in Sustainable Development, Environmental conservation & their influence in the process.


Our Objectives:

AlMassar is committed to realize her goals, including the following interventions: 

  • Peace: reduction of resource based conflict (farmers’ vs. nomads).
  • Education: increased enrolment & retention of nomadic children in basic education.
  • Health: increased access for nomadic pastoralists to primary health care.
  • Gender: female emancipation through awareness raising and income generation activities.
  • Environment: Range rehabilitation and management
  • Water: Improved supply & management of resources.
  • Livestock: Improved animal health and animal production.