Al-Massar Charity Organization For Nomads

Development & Environmental Conservation
Its A Matter Of Humanity!

Who We Are?

Al Massar is a Sudanese based non-governmental organization (NGO) established on the 12 December 2001. The organization has been officially registered with the Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC) in accordance with the current rules & regulations applied to NGOs. Al Massar is the first Sudanese NGO to work sole on the special needs of Nomadic people. […]

Vision, Mission & Objectives

Our Vision! To engage in the real life of the Nomads and Pastoralists of Sudan, to foresee and draw out what should consequently provide a better life through achieving Sustainable Development. Our Mission! Recognize the important roles of Nomads and Pastoralists in Sustainable Development. Increase the actual participation of Nomad pastoralists in Sustainable Development, Environmental […]

Al massar ideology and goals

The goal of Al Massar organization is: “To assist the Nomadic communities of Sudan in achieving a sustainable form of development.”   Outline above is the strategy that Al Massar has chosen to achieve its mission statement. The fundamental problem of reaching this goal is the transitory nature of nomadic societies. Therefore, Al Massar proposes […]

Strcture of organization

Organization: The core of Al Massar is the General Committee which comprises of the organizations members. The General Committee elects the executive body with the mandate to tackle the members concerns and problems.   Democratic: Electoral process and the regulations of terms of office are set out in the Constitution: The key points of which […]


Nomads in Sudan Nomads are a group of people who moves from place to place as a way of obtaining food, finding pasture for livestock, or otherwise making a living. The word nomad comes from a Greek word that means one who wanders for pasture. Most nomadic groups follow a fixed annual or seasonal pattern […]

Priorities of workplans

The key priority is the identification and understanding of the problems facing nomads. The current lack of information about the situation regarding nomads is seen as a major inhibiting factor to future initiatives. This priority forms part of a wide strategy on the road to sustainable development        

Researchers and Surveys

  Orphan Census Survey in West Darfur. Population & Assets Censuses in North and East Darfur. Nomadic Baseline Survey in Darfur States. Health Survey in Five Darfur States. Nomadic Baseline Survey in East Sudan. Counting up the war-affected nomads. Water Survey in East Darfur.   Baseline Survey, Gedarif Almassar charity organization had conducted a baseline […]